What Are The Most Secure Front Doors?

The entrance to your home is an essential part of your home; it greets you and your guests every time you enter and exit it. If your home is in need of an upgrade, a new front door can really transform your home. Not only does the appearance of your home play a significant factor in choosing your front door, but also the security. As your front door is the primary way to access your property, it is essential to consider having the most secure option so you can feel as safe and secure as possible. 

With a vast choice of front doors, it is understandable to feel a bit lost; this is why we have created this article to help you find the right front door for your home. In this article, we cover all the things you will need to know about our range of secure doors.

The different types of front door

At The Window and Door Company, we offer a wide range of front doors; composite doors and aluminium doors are some of the most popular front doors due to their high performance levels, durability and overall stylish appearance. Depending on your style and the aesthetic of your home will impact your choice of front door. Aluminium doors tend to appeal to more modern homes due to their contemporary design. In contrast, wooden or composite doors demand more classic homes due to the traditional look that they give off. 

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What is a Composite Door?

A composite door is a highly secure and durable front door that combines two types of materials to gain the benefits of both. At the centre of the door is a solid timber core that is highly thermally efficient and is what gives the composite door its classic wooden design. The timber core is protected with an external coating for added durability and weatherproofing. As the outer coating is highly waterproof, it makes your door resistant to warping, cracking or dampness. Composite doors offer the modern cutting edge technology and stylish and classic design of a wooden door without the disadvantages wooden doors provide.  

All of our composite doors are manufactured in slightly different ways to achieve the same outcome with their unique designs and aspects. At The Window and Door company, we work with a wide range of market leading composite door manufacturers to ensure that there is the right door for your home, including Door Stop, Solidor, Palladio, and Apeer. Each manufacturer creates their composite door uniquely. However, they all offer excellent security and durability. 

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What is an Aluminium Front Door?

Aluminium front doors use premium grade aluminium, which is one of the most robust materials on the market, whilst still providing stunning aesthetics. Aluminium front doors add a stylish and sleek touch to your home to improve its curb appeal. Aluminium features thermal break technology and weather sealants to reduce draughts and keep your home cosy and comfortable at all times. Thermal break technology allows for added thermal comfort as it includes chambers that slow down heat transfer, trap the warmth inside your home, and keep the cold outside. 

At the Window and Door Company, we offer a wide range of aluminium front doors from expert manufacturers, including Inotherm, Lumi, Smart, Origin, Aluk and Raynears, all offering durability, security and high performance with distinctive designs. Its bespoke design allows you to have creative freedom to design your dream front door. 

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Find the right front door for you

Each door manufacturer offers a wide range of designs, styles and colour options, as well as different glazing options, handles, letterboxes and locks. Homeowners are able to adapt to their architectural preferences and express their creativity with a wide range of design options. With a wide selection available, we can guarantee you will find the right front door for you and your home. 

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Secure Front Door

We understand that one of the homeowners’ most significant concerns is the safety of their home; therefore, choosing the most secure door possible can give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe at all times. That is why a number of our composite doors and aluminium doors are Secured By Design Approved, which ensures that your home is as secure as possible. All of our front doors come with highly secure locks that are a great deterrent to any intrusion attempts. 

Double or triple glazing can be integrated into your front door, allowing added sunlight into your home without compromising on security. Double and triple glazing is highly secure as it combines two or three glass panes that are separated by air bubbles that act as shock absorbers. As double glazing is almost impossible to break, you can imagine how strong triple glazing is. 

How to find the right front door

Are you interested in any of our front doors? If you are looking for a new secure front door, then get in touch with us for more information, and we can discuss your project in more detail to find the right front door for you and your home. We offer affordable and competitive prices. 

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