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Upgrade your Roof

The easiest is simply to re-roof. All Ultraframe roofs are designed to fit
seamlessly onto your existing conservatory frame, making it simple to trade up to
a new level of quality and thermal performance. You’ll be amazed at the difference re-roofing makes to both the comfort and class of your current space.
At the same time as replacing your roof it’s easy to replace and upgrade your
windows and doors if you choose to. Of course the final option is to rebuild the entire conservatory, either with an orangery or extension.


Ultraroof combines an authentic tiled look with a vaulted interior in a bespoke design that’s all your own

Light but Robust

Lightweight Ultraroof tiles are manufactured to withstand extreme temperature variation. They are available in 3 colours with an authentic slate design which look great on any home.

Feeling of Space

Ultraroof offers a magnificent vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside enhancing the feeling of space within your current conservatory.

Thermal Efficiency

Updating your conservatory with the latest designs from Ultraframe can have a significant impact on the thermal efficiency of your home, making your new room comfortable and cosy all year round. Replacing the roof and possibly other parts is a simple and cost effective solution that can add value as well as warmth, updating your conservatory to the room you want it to be. The conversion of a glazed conservatory roof into a solid one requires official building regulations
permission. Ultraframe solid roofs are designed to meet and exceed building regulations.

Classic Conservatory Roof

Developed over 30 years and engineered to postcode, the Classic conservatory roofing system provides high quality, reliability, and is highly configurable making it the go-to solution for every conceivable glass conservatory roof design.


With fewer bars than other roof lanterns, the Ultrasky Lantern is perfect for extensions and orangeries with a flat roof, ideal for creating a focal point in a dining room, kitchen or living area.


Designed for spectacular spans, the super strong ridge and Ultraspan invisible integrated structural goal post means there are less bars, more light and no compromise on design with the Ultrasky Roof.


Ultrasky Flat Skylight’s frameless glass maximises light into the room below. The fully insulated click- fit frame provides both thermal efficiency and an easy installation.

Quantal Roof

Highly configurable, the Quantal aluminium roof is thermally broken and easy to fit no matter how complex the size or shape.

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