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Replacement Glass Livingston

Double glazing can sometimes appear to be cloudy and full of condensation, the good news is that if you’ve noticed this in your Livingston home, you don’t need to replace all your windows and window frames. The answer is replacement glass, it’s cheaper, easier and of course more environmentally friendly. When you come to The Window & Door Company for your replacement glass, you will see how much energy you save as the warmth will be kept inside your Livingston home, rather than escaping into the outdoors.

We offer Livingston homeowners a wide range of replacement glass options, so be sure to find one that suits your personal needs. Our team of installers are both experienced and friendly and will not disrupt your Livingston home when they come to install your replacement glass.

Some of our customers have commented that not only does our replacement glass help with thermal efficiency and soundproofing, it can add value to their Livingston home. Potential buyers can recognise the benefits that modern replacement glass can offer their home. To get started, get in touch with us or use our online quoting tool!

Thermally Efficient

Our replacement glass makes your Livingston home more thermally efficient as it traps all the warmth inside your home. This means you use less energy and in turn, it reduces your carbon footprint. 

Reduces Heat Loss

Less heat leaves your Livingston home, so when you install our replacement glass you can reduce your energy bills and save money.


As you don’t have the expense of new window frame, our replacement glass options are a lot more affordable than complete new windows.

Meeting Your Expectations

We pride ourselves at The Window and Doors Company on our customer service and professional installation of your replacement glass. We have helped many Livingston homeowners who cannot afford or need complete new windows, as with our replacement glass systems, our production facility allows us to manufacture individual units or entire windows.

Thanks to our experience in replacement glass, we can promise that our products will reach and often exceed your expectations. The replacement glass we install in your Livingston home will enhance it due to its thermal efficiency and security features, meanwhile complying with all safety regulations.


We don’t just supply replacement glass we also offer our Livingston customers a wide selection of glass barriers, that can be used in a variety of ways. However they are employed, they will allow light to flow through your home, hotel, or office.

You will find our balustrades being used on walkways, balconies or terraces, around stairs and lifts and external windows. When used they will enhance the building’s security, footfall and traffic as well as offering an improved aesthetic. When you come to The Window & Door Company, you know you will be getting a balustrade that is durable and safe.

All of our balustrades comply with British Standard BS6180:1999, this means we adhere to the correct code of practice. Advice is provided regarding the heights, material selection, and fixing of these replacement glass balustrades.

Replacement Glass Mirrors

Most households will contain some type of mirror or mirrored glass and we don’t just mean bathrooms. You’ll find them being used as furniture, partition walls and kitchen splash backs. Customers have also installed them in their Livingston homes to increase the appearance of space and light.

Our glass mirror collection is the Pilkington line, it includes mirrors for various uses, including MirrorViewTM, MirropaneTM, OptimirrorTM, and OptimirrorTM Protect Plus. For bathroom mirrors we suggest MirropaneTM as it is ideal for humid and wet rooms. If you are looking for a product that is highly secure and decorative, then go for Pilkington’s OptimirrorTM, Protect Plus option.

Splash Backs

Wherever there are taps or grease we would recommend installing a splash back as they stop your walls from being stained and ruined. Our splash back options suits any style of home and are manufactured using  toughened mirrors.

Our collection of splash backs covers a wide range of design options, so whatever style you are looking for, we may just well have it.

Replacement Glass Prices

Our staff is always available to answer any questions. Use our online quoting tool to quickly and easily get a free, no-obligation replacement glass quote.

Call us at 01506 432211, or send us an email at or visit The Window & Door Company if you’re searching for affordable replacement glass services in Livingston. We look forward to working with you!

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