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Sometimes when your windows are looking cloudy and suffering from condensation, you don’t always need to replace the entire window, sometimes it’s replacement glass that is needed. Replacing the entire window in your Kirkliston home can be very expensive and time consuming, whereas replacement glass is cheaper and a lot less hassle. New replacement glass can also improve the thermal efficiency of your Kirkliston home, so with the cost of energy rising, now is the time to look into replacement glass.

We have built up a reputation of providing Kirkliston homeowners the best quality replacement glass on the market today. Our installation team is also totally customer focussed, so when they arrive at your Kirkliston home to carry out your replacement glass project, the entire process will be stress-free.

Going down the replacement glass route can also increase the value of your home, so if you are looking to give your home added kerbside appeal get in touch with The Window & Door Company today.

To get started, get in touch with us or use our online quoting tool!

Increased Energy Efficiency

With our replacement glass options you get the added benefit of increased thermal efficiency. This means you use less energy and lower your carbon footprint, increasing the help of saving the planet.

Reduce Heat Loss

Your new double glazing keeps your Kirkliston home warmer for longer. Our replacement glass keeps all the expensive heat inside, helping you save money everyday.

Cost Effective

Save money with our replacement glass solutions. We use cut-to-size replacement glass units for your Kirkliston home.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Here at The Window and Doors Company, we have built up a reputation of being a market leader when it comes to replacement glass. We work to your budget, so if you can’t afford a complete replacement, we can manufacture just single units, which makes our replacement glass for your Kirkliston home a lot more affordable.

Thanks to our experience, we are considered experts in the field and our replacement glass is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Get in touch with us today to see how our replacement glass can enhance your home today.


With our replacement glass, we also all offer a wide range of glass barriers which can be used for a many beneficial reasons. Many Kirkliston homeowners come to us for their replacement glass balustrades if they are looking to transform their home as it creates extra beams of light.

Examples of how people have used their replacement glass balustrades include balconies, terraces, walkways, external windows and around stairs and lifts. These balustrades have been used to increase the security in the particular buildings, as well as aiding direct footfall. Whatever the reason you’re installing our replacement glass balustrades, you can be certain it is a great quality product.

We abide by building regulations, so take a look at British Standard BS6180:1999, which provides the code of practise for barriers in buildings for more information. This standard provides design details and information on the three most typical design applications for this glass. Additionally, advice is provided regarding the heights, material selection, and fixing of these replacement glass balustrades.

Replacement Glass Mirrors

Look in any Kirkliston home and you will find a variety of mirrored glass. They can be seen as part of furniture, the kitchen, wardrobes and even partition walls. Some of our clients use it to add a sense of extra space to their home.

We don’t just supply replacement glass, we also provide mirrors. The brand we offer is from the Pilkington line, they can be used in a variety of ways including: MirrorViewTM, MirropaneTM, OptimirrorTM, and OptimirrorTM Protect Plus.

The MirrorViewTM is a clever way of hiding our TV and the MirrorPaneTM is what you are looking for if a steamy bathroom is a recurring problem for you. You’ll find this in hotels and gyms.

Do you want extra security? Then go for our Protect Plus. Get in touch with The Window & Door Company for all your mirror requirements.

Splash Backs

Choose the style and colour that suits your personal taste best, as we stock a wide variety of designs. People install splash backs to help protect from water damage and stains this can cause. We recommend the toughened mirror variety for best results.

We supply a collection of textured glass splash backs in a range of designs that will fit your Kirkliston home. Please get in touch today to hear more about what we can offer.

Replacement Glass Prices

Visit The Window & Door Company if you’re searching for affordable replacement glass services in Kirkliston. 

Our staff are always available to you, use our online quoting tool to quickly and easily get a free, no-obligation replacement glass quote. Call us at 01506 432211, or send us an email at We look forward to working with you!

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