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Do your double-glazed windows appear to be cloudy or to have condensation? If so, the glass rather than the frame needs to be replaced. While replacing older window frames can be time-consuming and expensive, doing so instead of just replacing the glass may be the better option long-term. Replacement glass can help keep heat from escaping your home in the face of rising energy costs and shifting weather patterns.

For your Broxburn property, The Window & Door Company offers a selection of replacement glass. We take great pride in our quick, expert installations that pay close attention to every detail and help all of our customers get replacement glass that will last. 

In addition to lowering energy consumption and outside noise, replacing your old glass can also increase the value of your house. The Window & Door Company is the only place to turn if you’re an astute homeowner looking for a high-quality home improvement that can actually transform your property. To get started, get in touch with us or use our online quoting tool!

Energy Efficient

We offer a variety of replacement glass that keeps your house energy-efficient and lowers its carbon footprint. In your Broxburn home, replacement glass can help keep the heat inside.

Contains Heat Loss

By reducing the amount of heat that can escape your home, new double glazing helps you save money.

Cost Effective

In order to replace the glass in your Broxburn windows without having to buy a new frame, use our cut-to-size replacement glass units.

Reaching Customer Expectations

The Window and Doors Company can help if you need replacement glass for your windows or doors. You don’t have to worry about the budget for a full replacement if you don’t need one because our production facility allows us to manufacture individual units or entire windows!

We are seasoned experts with replacement glass and windows that are guaranteed to live up to client expectations. You can trust that every installation produces the highest levels of quality and security for your Broxburn property because we guarantee compliance with all safety regulations.


We provide a selection of glass barriers for installation in Broxburn that can be used for a variety of reasons. Our selection of replacement glass balustrades may be ideal for homes that would benefit from maximum light flow and expansive views. 

Our replacement glass is suitable for many uses, including those on walkways, balconies or terraces, around stairs and lifts and external windows. These glass installations can aid in enhancing building security or directing foot traffic in congested areas. For every installation in Broxburn, we at the Window & Door Company strive to provide a glass product that is both reliable and efficient. 

Please refer to British Standard BS6180:1999, which provides the code of practise for barriers in buildings, for more information. This standard provides design details and information on the three most typical design applications for this glass. Additionally, advice is provided regarding the heights, material selection, and fixing of these replacement glass balustrades.

Replacement Glass Mirrors

Mirrors are used for a wide variety of things besides just being in bathrooms. They can be used as furniture, partition walls, kitchen splashbacks, and fashionable wardrobes. They can also be used to add more light and a sense of space.

In Broxburn, we provide a wide selection of mirrors for installation. These mirrors are from the Pilkington line and include mirrors for various uses, including MirrorViewTM, MirropaneTM, OptimirrorTM, and OptimirrorTM Protect Plus. 

TV screens can be easily hidden behind mirrors using The MirrorViewTM. Choose MirropaneTM, a bathroom mirror that is ideal for humid environments. Pilkington’s OptimirrorTM is a distinctive decorative option, and its Protect Plus version is ideal for places that need extra security, like public gyms and hotels. The Window & Door Company in Broxburn can supply any kind of mirror you require.

Splash Backs

Splash backs add light, style, and colour to any room while serving as a practical way to shield walls from any unsightly stains and marks. To achieve this goal and design a truly stylish splash back for your Broxburn home, we provide toughened mirrors.

Our selection of textured glass products makes it easy to design unique, fashionable splash backs that look great in any kitchen. Visit our selection today.

Replacement Glass Prices

Visit The Window & Door Company if you’re searching for affordable replacement glass services in Broxburn. 

Our staff is always available to answer any questions. Use our online quoting tool to quickly and easily get a free, no-obligation replacement glass quote, call us at 01506 432211, or send us an email at We look forward to working with you!

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