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Kirkliston Composite Doors

Kirkliston homeowners come to The Window & Door Company for their composite doors as they know they are getting a great range of composite doors, all of an exceptional quality. These composite doors will give your Kirkliston home increased security, this is all down to the way that they are manufactured. Our composite doors are made to last a lifetime, being robust and durable due to their compost nature. Installing them as the front and back doors in your Kirkliston home creates added security, this is exactly what you want! Our composite doors have reinforced panels, deterring any intruders away.

Our composite doors also make your Kirkliston home thermally efficient, so your home will be cosy in the winter and cooler in the summer. Our composite doors are considered to be some of the best on the market. Get in touch today to see what we can offer you!

Built To Last

Install one of our composite doors and you will have a door that lasts a lifetime in your Kirkliston home. Our doors are made using composite materials, giving your home added security and safety.

Stress Free Installation

We don’t just offer top quality composite doors, we offer great customer service including speedy installation. When installing your composite door in your Kirkliston home, we will fit in with you and carry out the process efficiently. Our team of installers are experts and work in a highly efficient manner.

Great Choice

We are known for having a fantastic choice of composite doors. They don’t just look beautiful, they perform brilliantly too.

Enviable Collection

We are proud to offer Kirkliston homeowners an impressive collection of composite doors, our collection includes: Doorstop, Solidor, Spitfire, Palladio, and Apeer. With such an amazing range, we are confident that you will find the perfect composite door for your home, no matter their personal taste or home’s architectural style.

Our doors are hassle free when it comes to maintenance, which is why so many Kirkliston residents come to The Window & Door Company, along with our wide range of colours that our composite doors are available in.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

Everyone is looking to improve their thermal efficiency as they know that this provides reduced energy bills. The good news is that our composite doors are extremely thermally efficient because of the materials that are used to manufacture them. These include: foam, polymers, and uPVC. All of these provide amazing insulation, so when you install one of our composite doors, no expensive heat will escape from your Kirkliston home.

These doors have a substantial layer of foam insulation inside that offers the best protection against the cold while holding onto heat longer. Bad weather will have no affect on your composite door, as they boast a solid core which stops wind and rain from entering your home.

Kirkliston can suffer from harsh weather conditions, so we recommend the Door-Stop collection that comes with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skinned for security, offering incredible water resistance. These doors are tested in the factory in simulated stormy conditions to ensure they live up to their reputation. With our range of composite doors, no matter how fussy you are, you’ll find one at The Window & Door Company.

Increased Security

Composite doors are renowned for their outstanding security features, making them extremely popular as front and back doors. The benefit of a composite door for your Kirkliston home is it has fewer leverage points, so they are much more difficult to force open than traditional doors. They are also highly robust so won’t warp, rot, split or crack.

We also offer a range of security locks that you can choose from, giving you the confidence that your home is as safe as it could be.

The Spitfire range of doors are solid aluminium, giving you the highest levels of security. These doors have a solid aluminium construction and triple-glazed laminated glass. All of our composite doors offer your Kirkliston home a high level of safety and security, so get in touch today to discuss the best option for you.

Variety of Styles

We want our customers to have the composite door that suits their personal taste, which is why we stock a wide range. No matter what architectural style of home you live in, you’ll find a composite door to complement it; heritage, traditional, modern or contemporary, there’s a composite door to suit. Palladio and Spitfire are ideal for more modern homes, where as Doorstop, Solidor, and Apeer are great for traditional Kirkliston properties.

It’s not just the colour you can choose from, it’s the colour, the glass and the hardware too. With our composite doors you get a truly bespoke option.

Composite Door Prices, Kirkliston

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for a nearby glazing business, that offers composite doors in Kirklison at reasonable prices. Your go-to place for a variety of high-quality windows and doors is The Window & Door Company. 

Use our online quoting tool if you’re looking for an estimate of cost. You can get a quote right away, it’s free and simple! Additionally, our staff is always willing to assist. You can reach us by phone at 01506 432211 or by email at if you’d prefer to speak with us in person. We anticipate hearing from you!

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