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For your Broxburn home, The Window & Door Company offers a wide variety of composite doors. For homeowners looking for a safe and secure door for their home, composite doors offer the ideal solution. These doors are incredibly strong and long-lasting thanks to their composite construction, making them ideal for the front or back of your property, where security is of the utmost importance!

High levels of thermal efficiency in our selection of composite doors help to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With reinforced panels that provide resistance to forced entry, even for the most determined intruders, they are also significantly more secure than other doors on the market. Start working with us now!

Long Lasting

Our selection of composite doors is made from sturdy and long-lasting composite materials, ensuring that we offer a safe and secure home improvement that is designed to last.

Speedy installation

Look no further if you need prompt installation in Broxburn. We quickly and effectively install our selection of composite doors with the least amount of hassle. The Window & Door Company makes sure to avoid using any short cuts. Our skilled installers complete jobs efficiently and to a high standard.

Impressive Choice

Our selection of composite doors not only functions well, but also presents well. We have a wide selection of composite doors, so you can choose a design that’s ideal for your house.

Impressive Choice

Our impressive selection of composite doors is available for installation in Broxburn. The collections provided by Doorstop, Solidor, Spitfire, Palladio, and Apeer are among those mentioned. With our impressive selection, we are confident that we have something you’ll love. We believe every homeowner should be able to find a composite door that is ideal for their home.

All of the composite doors we provide are extremely low maintenance and come in a variety of lovely styles and finishes to match any home’s decor. Look no further than The Window & Door Company for an impressive selection, superior building, and breathtaking aesthetics!

Thermal Efficiency

When it comes to thermal efficiency, composite doors are especially beneficial. Our selection of composite doors is made of a variety of materials, including foam, polymers, and uPVC, which provide excellent insulation and stop heat from escaping your home. Good thermal efficiency is crucial given the chilly climate in Broxburn. 

Our composite doors have a substantial layer of foam insulation inside that offers the best protection against the cold while holding onto heat longer. These doors have excellent weather resistance thanks to their solid core, which has led to their increased popularity in stormy or chilly areas. 

The selection of composite doors that Door-Stop offers are ideal for harsh climates. These doors are GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skinned for security, offering incredible water resistance. Before being delivered to you, they are even tested in simulated storms and strong winds! The Window & Door Company has you covered if you’re looking for a door that provides genuine protection from any weather Broxburn could dish out!

Super Secure

Due to their outstanding security advantages, composite doors are frequently used on the exterior of homes. Composite doors have fewer leverage points and a strong construction, which makes them resistant to common break-in techniques. This door’s long-lasting durability comes from its resistance to warping, rot, splitting, and cracking. 

For homeowners in Broxburn like you, they can be equipped with a variety of lock types and hardware to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your house! 

We also provide solid aluminium doors that are extremely secure from the renowned Spitfire company. For genuine protection you can rely on, these doors have a solid aluminium construction and triple-glazed laminated glass. We also provide strong composite doors made of a durable combination of composite materials from Doorstop, Solidor, Palladio, and Apeer. We would be happy to help you with any door you believe will work best for your home.

Range of Styles

Look no further than those provided by the Window & Door Company if you’re looking for an amazing range of options for your new composite door. For installation in Broxburn, we provide a selection of exquisite doors suitable for both traditional and modern buildings. We provide Palladio and Spitfire product lines if you’re looking for a contemporary aesthetic. We also offer doors from Doorstop, Solidor, and Apeer for homes with more traditional architecture or a mix of styles, so you can find something that perfectly complements your house. 

We have a wide selection of composite doors for our customers in Broxburn, and they come in a variety of styles, colours, glass, and hardware options. We have something that will definitely impress you if you’re looking for a door that is genuinely special for your home.

Composite Door Prices, Broxburn

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for a nearby glazing business that offers composite doors in Broxburn at reasonable prices. Your go-to place for a variety of high-quality windows and doors is The Window & Door Company. 

Use our online quoting tool if you’re looking for a rough estimate of cost. You can get a quote right away, and it’s free and simple! Additionally, our staff is always willing to assist. You can reach us by phone at 01506 432211 or by email at if you’d prefer to speak with us in person. We anticipate hearing from you!

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