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Aluminium Patio Doors Kirkliston

Give your Kirkliston home added kerbside appeal with our aluminium patio doors, these popular home improvement products create a seamless connection between your home and garden. They are manufactured from top quality aluminium, which means they sort thin profiles that support a large expanse of glazing. However, thanks to the strength of the aluminium we use on our aluminium patio doors, your Kirkliston home is safe and secure. Bathe in the sunlight that will flood your home provided by our aluminium patio doors.

These aluminium patio doors have a very clever multi-wheeled operating system, it’s this market leading feature that allows them to open and close in a gliding manner. If your Kirkliston home is short on space, then our aluminium patio doors are perfect. They operate with no swing area, so it works perfectly in intimate spaces. Install our aluminium patio doors in your Kirklston home and feel closer to your garden.

A popular feature of our aluminium patio doors with Kirkliston homeowners is the fact that they are customisable, so you can design them to suit your own personal taste. Get in touch with our team and start your aluminium patio doors journey today.

Form & Function

Our aluminium patio doors deliver on both levels, they look beautiful and perform brilliantly. Your Kirkliston home will appear larger thanks to the extra light flooding in. Plus, you will profit from increased security and thermal efficiency. 


Our aluminium patio doors are sleek in design, boasting a smart single handle being easy to use.

Personalised Design

We want our aluminium patio doors to reflect your taste and personality. These doors are available in 200 RAL colours, all stunning and stylish. 

High Performance Levels

When you install our aluminium patio doors, you’re giving your home an aesthetic and performance increase. They don’t just look outstanding, they will also give your Kirkliston home increased security, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency.

The nature of aluminium means that it can withstand any potential chances of failure. Rain, wind, snow and unwanted visitors will not spoil these doors’ performance levels. Add on the quality of our double glazing and you get a product that keeps you warm and cosy as well.

AGILA Sliding Doors

A market leading aluminium patio door. AGILA sliding doors will give your Kirkliston home an attractive focal point for visitors and residents alike. Their design and performance deliver on every level, making them a great choice. These aluminium patio doors are recognisable from their slim sightlines and expanse of glazing. They are a popular choice for patios, orangeries and conservatories.

Aluminium patio doors provide the ability to bring the outside in, being one of the most popular reasons for customers choosing our aluminium patio door. Thanks to our customisable options, they can be configured to your requirements. These aluminium patio doors are fitted with REHAU branded hardware including rollers, handles and state of the art locking systems.

Security is paramount, so our doors feature a 12 point locking system and corner hooks for an additional level of security. These modern mechanisms meet Part Q of the building regulations for the industry.

Personalised Aluminium Patio Doors

Every Kirkliston homeowner will have a different take on what they want their aluminium patio doors to look like, that’s why we encourage you to customise them. Our doors come in different colours, sizes and designs. So whatever the style of your home, be it traditional, heritage, modern or contemporary, you will be sure to find aluminium patio doors that will complement it. Want a traditional style in a neutral shade or a modern option in a bold colour? We’ve got it covered. 

With our aluminium patio doors, the ability to adapt them to your own personal needs creates the appearance as if they were always part of your home and not an awkward add-on.

Outstanding Performance Level

Not just beautiful to look at, but a practical home improvement product that will reward your home with outstanding performance levels. As aluminium is such a naturally robust and durable material, these aluminium patio doors will last a lifetime, whatever is thrown at it. Unlike timber frames doors, these won’t rot, crack or warp over time. These aluminium patio doors will look as good as new in years to come as they did on the day you installed them.

For Kirkliston property owners who want to be eco-friendly, these doors are for you. Aluminium is a natural insulator, so will keep all the heat in your home and retract from escaping. Our double glazing also assists with thermal efficiency, so when you install our aluminium patio doors, you can expect to see your energy bills reduce and a reduced carbon footprint.

Aluminium Patio Door Prices, KIrkliston

Use our free online quoting engine to get a bespoke price on your new installation, we pride ourselves on delivering competitive price aluminium patio doors. Simply input your specifications to get a price tailored to your home improvement project.

If you have any questions about our products, prices or services, please give us a call at 01506 432211 or email us at Our team are happy to answer your questions, offer impartial advice and help you get the best aluminium door for your home improvement project.

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