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Casement Windows

Aluminium Casement Windows in Livingston

These beautiful windows combine all the benefits of aluminium and the amazing aesthetic of a casement window. These windows give your home a sleek, contemporary appearance that will improve your Livingston home’s kerbside appeal and probably its value. The flush frame that comes with these aluminium casement windows means it sits flush with the frame, a classic and traditional style that will complement any period of the home. Our aluminium casement windows are available in a wide range of RAL colours, along with a choice of glazing and furniture options, ensuring the aluminium casement windows you install will complement your home.

A Unique Design

Our aluminium casement windows are a true industry first, as they give you an internal and external flush casement. When you choose our OW-80 Casement Window for your Livingston home, you will not be disappointed.


The OW-70 is an extraordinary aluminium casement window. It can be customised and offer your unbroken views out onto Livingston and the surrounding areas. This window has ultra-slim sightlines of just 65mm and is able to accommodate sizes of up to 4.8 sqm.

20 Years’ Performance Guaranteed

We are so proud of the quality of our OW-70 and OW-80 aluminium casement windows that we offer them with a 20-year guarantee as standard. These windows give your Livingston property outstanding durability and security.

Impressive Performance

With our range of aluminium casement windows, you are promised some of the most high-performing windows on the market today. These windows will protect your Livingston home from harsh sun, heavy rain and strong winds, this is due to the impressive weather seals and draught-proof frames. The aluminium frames also make your home more thermally efficient as they are able to achieve A+ energy ratings. The strength of the frames will also make your home a safe place to live in.


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A Popular Choice

Our aluminium casement windows can be seen in many homes throughout the Livingston area, as they are a highly practical type of window to use, as they are attached to their frames by one or more hinges. How they open is dependent on the position of the hinge, this can be side-hung or top-hung. Another reason why they are such a popular choice is the way they are weatherproofed and not ruined or damaged by the bad weather, thanks to the quality of the frames and double glazing of our aluminium casement windows, harsh rain, strong winds and bright sunshine will leave no mark.

Improved Security

Thanks to the quality of materials used and the cutting-edge technology employed in the manufacturing of our aluminium casement windows, when you choose to install them in your Livingston home, it will become a safer place to live. The sheer strength of our aluminium frames, they are capable of carrying exceptionally heavy loads, exceeding above and beyond the standardised 50,000 cycle test required for residential windows gives you confidence that these aluminium casement windows will help keep out unwanted visitors.

You can open these windows to give you ventilation without fully opening them, this is possible due to the fact that they feature a night vent function, so whilst fresh air can come in, intruders can’t. These aluminium casement windows are also fitted with hinge guards that are installed as standard on all Origin Windows, these protect the hinges as well as stopping intruders from jemmying open windows on the hinged side. Your Livingston home is also kept safe and secure thanks to our aluminium casement windows being equipped with industry-renowned locking systems. impenetrable crimped frames and locking handles.
To give you further peace of mind, our aluminium casement windows’ security systems are accredited by Secured by Design.

Aluminium Casement Windows Prices, Livingston

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