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Aluminium Casement Windows in Edinburgh

Our collection of these highly popular windows gives you the ultimate in form and functions, as they offer an amazing aesthetic with a wide range of practical benefits. Their modern design will give your Edinburgh home a sleek, timeless appearance thanks to their clean and contemporary design. Your kerbside will increase as well in some cases the value of your property. Our aluminium casement windows have a timeless feel to them, thanks probably to the fact that the flush frame that comes with these aluminium casement windows means it sits flush with the frame. It is this adaptable design that allows it to complement any design and architectural style of property. We are proud to offer our aluminium casement windows in over 150 RAL colours, this means that you have a chance to put your own design sense on them. You can also choose the glazing and furniture options for your aluminium casement windows, so when you have installed them, they will appear as a seamless fit rather than an awkward add-on.

A Unique Design

With our collection of aluminium casement windows, you really are getting the opportunity to install an industry-first in your Edinburgh home. This is because our aluminium casement windows give you an internal and external flush casement, our OW-80 Casement Window delivers on every level.


These aluminium casement windows can be customised to reflect your own personal taste, the design and expanse of glazing that these windows afford you will offer you amazing seamless views out onto Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. This window has ultra-slim sightlines of just 65mm and is able to accommodate sizes of up to 4.8 sqm.

20 Years’ Performance Guaranteed

When you come to us for your aluminium casement windows, you can be confident that you are installing some of the best quality in your Edinburgh home. Our OW-70 and OW-80 brands come with a 20-year guarantee, meaning that you can rely on them to offer you outstanding durability and security for many years to come.

Outstanding Performance

You are getting the best possible aluminium casement windows on the market when you come to us for yours. The quality of the materials is unmatched, so no matter how bad the weather is in Edinburgh you can be certain that the sun however harsh or the rain however strong will leave no mark on your aluminium casement windows. Our windows are completely weatherproof thanks to the top-quality weather seals and draught-proof frames that are fitted as standard. Aluminium is a naturally thermally efficient material, so when they are installed in your home you are rewarded with A+ energy ratings. The other benefit that the aluminium frames offer is robustness, this means that you can rely on them to last a lifetime as well as add to the security of your home.


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An Adaptable Design

One of the reasons that our aluminium casement windows are so popular in Edinburgh is due to the fact that their design can complement any style of home and that the way they operate is highly practical. You can recognise our aluminium casement windows as they are attached to their frames by one or more hinges. How they open is dependent on the position of the hinge, this can be side-hung or top-hung. The combination of the clever design and the classic aesthetic has made this one of the must-have windows on the market and with our design you can be sure that it will also offer a wide range of practical benefits.

Enhanced Security

We understand that keeping your Edinburgh home safe and secure is a top priority, which is why when you install our aluminium casement windows, you can be confident that your property is safer and more secure. The aluminium frames are incredibly strong, giving them the ability to carry large panes of glazing, they have exceeded above and beyond the standardised 50,000 cycle test required for residential windows. This will give you confidence that our aluminium casement windows are totally robust and secure.

It’s this strength that helps keep unwanted visitors from entering your home, however, these windows are also fitted with other security features. These include a night vent function, which means that you don’t have to fully open these windows to ventilate your home. They are also fitted with hinge guards that are installed as standard on all Origin Windows, these protect the hinges as well as stopping intruders from jemmying open windows on the hinged side.

The locking systems on our aluminium casement windows are market leaders, as are our impenetrable crimped frames and locking handles.
If that is not enough our aluminium casement windows are accredited by Secured by Design, so you can be 100% sure that these windows will enhance your Edinburgh’s home security.

Aluminium Casement Windows Prices, Edinburgh

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