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Aluminium Bifold Doors Livingston

Livingston homeowners come to us for their aluminium bifold doors because they know that they are a really great way of adding kerbside appeal to their home. Aluminium bifold doors are particularly popular with Livingston customers who have limited room for new doors, as our aluminium bifold doors require no swing space.

Because aluminium is a naturally strong material they can support large areas of glazing with incredibly slim sight lines . With a sight line as slim as 13mm, you can have panoramic views onto your Livingston garden and the surrounding countryside.

Create a seamless transition between your home and garden with our aluminium bifold doors, these doors help you bring the outside into your home. The extra natural light into our aluminium patio doors thanks to the large glazing panels, also one opened they afford your Livingston home extra ventilation. 


An inherently robust material, aluminium is the ideal material for bifold doors. Once installed in your Livingston home, our aluminium bifold doors will last a lifetime, these doors will also afford your home added security .

Hassle-Free Installation

When you choose our aluminium bifold doors, you won’t just receive a first class product but a first class installation process as well. Our experienced team will turn up to your Livingston home and install your aluminium bifold doors with minimal disruption.

Contemporary Style

The perfect combination of form and function, our aluminium bifold doors will give your Livingston a sleek aesthetic whilst rewarding it with numerous practical befits, will enhance your home’s performance levels.

Smooth Opening and Closing

Slim sightlines and large glazed areas that flood your Livingston home with natural light is just one of the reasons that our aluminium bifold doors are so popular. However some people worry about installing aluminium bifold doors because they believe that they are difficult to open and close. 

The good news is that our aluminium bifold doors have outstanding operating mechanisms, meaning they will glide when you open and close them. Say goodbye to stickiness and juddering when operating your bifold doors, ours open with ease and then tuck neatly away once opened. This unique design feature makes them ideal for Livingston homes with limited space.

Easy to Install

Our experienced team will carry out the installation of your bifold aluminium doors with ease and hassle-free manner. When our team turns up to your Livingston home, they will do so in a timely and polite manner, treating your home with respect. The installation process is quick and painless, thanks to the team’s experience and expertise. We fit in with your timetable, so the entire installation journey is easy from start to finish.

The aluminium bifold doors will complement your home’s architectural style and design, as you will have had a a major input into the design of your doors, which includes the choice of the double glazing and hardware. Please get in touch with us today to discuss your aluminium bifold doors needs and make your home improvement dreams come true.

Outstanding Versatility

We want Livingston homeowners to have the aluminium bifold doors that reflects their own personal taste and complement the architectural style of their homes. Our customers like to use their bifold doors both inside and out, they aren’t always solely used to create a beautiful entrance onto gardens and patios.

Some of our customers have installed them inside their Livingston homes to make one large into two smaller rooms, which at a later date can be opened to create one large expanse. The fact that these aluminium bifold doors carry so much glass, hey don’t make the inside of your home dark, in fact quite the opposite, they let natural light flood in. It’s not just residential properties that have installed these doors, businesses too have realised their benefits.

Our aluminium doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes making them an attractive addition to both traditional and modern homes. Get in touch today to learn more about our customisation options.

Easy to Look After

Nobody wants to spend their spare time looking after their doors and windows, which is the case when you have traditionally framed options. Due to the fact that our bifold doors are manufactured from aluminium, our doors are really easy to look after.

Our aluminium bifold doors simple need a wipe down with a warm, wet cloth to make sure that your doors remain looking as good as new. With our doors being made from aluminium they will not rot, crack, distort or warp over time or with wear.

Aluminium is also a highly sustainable material, so when your bifold doors come to the end of their life cycle they will not end up as landfill.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices, Livingston

Use our free online quoting engine to get a price tailored to your home improvement project. Simply input your specifications and preferences into the innovative costing tool to get a bespoke quote today.

If you have any further queries about our products, prices and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Call us on 01506 432211, use our online contact form or email our team on We will be happy to use our experience in the industry to help you transform your Livingston home.

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