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Aluminium Bifold Doors Kirkliston

Kirkliston homeowners come to us for their aluminium bifold doors because of the range we provide and the versatility it offers. Kirkliston customers comment on the fact our aluminium bifold doors are particularly good in smaller spaces because they require no swing space.

Our aluminium bifold doors take advantage of how aluminium is naturally light and strong, therefor it can support large expanses of glazing with very slim profiles, 13mm to be precise. The result here being amazing views across your Kirkliston garden, what more can you ask for?

When you install our aluminium bifold doors in your Kirkliston home, you will benefit from a seamless transition between your garden and your home. These doors also offer extra natural light, so even on a dark day your home will appear larger.


Due to the fact that our bifold doors are manufactured from aluminium, they are a highly robust home improvement product for your Kirkliston home. Not only are they strong, our aluminium bifold doors are highly secure.

Speedy Installation

We know that great customer service and hassle-free installation are just as important as the quality of our aluminium bifold doors, so that’s why when our team of experts comes round to your Kirkliston home, the whole process is efficient as possible.

Contemporary Style

Sleek and stylish is how many people describe our aluminium bifold doors. Numerous customers are incredibly impressed by their performance levels.  With our aluminium bifold doors, you get form and function in equal measure.

Aluminium Bifold Doors That Glide

Slim, sightline rooms filled with natural light and doors that tuck away neatly. These are only some of the reasons Kirkliston homeowners choose our aluminium bifold doors.

However, having bifold doors that aren’t manufactured properly means they can stick and become less efficient to use. With our aluminium bifold doors, this isn’t the case. With our market leading mechanisms, they are efficient enough to never stick giving years guarantee of this. When you open them they tuck away neatly with no need for swing space, and close with radial ease.

Professional Installation

We have a friendly team of aluminium bifold doors installers, who make the whole process easy and stress-free. They will turn up at your Kirkliston home at any time suitable to you, then get to work quickly and efficiently so your life won’t suffer with disruptions and cancelled appointments. 

The aluminium bifold doors you choose will have your stamp on them complementing the architectural style of your Kirkliston home, so when our team of experienced installers has finished the job, you will never go back. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Versatile and Functional

Whatever the architectural style of your Kirkliston home, our aluminium bifold doors will be a positive aesthetic improvement. They blend seamlessly with modern or traditional homes to help connect with the outside.

However these aluminium bifold doors are not just for exterior usage, they can also be used inside your Kirkliston home. Some of our customers have used them to divide multiple rooms. When used internally, they still allow all the natural light to flow from one room to another, so creates the illusion of a larger home space. It’s also not just residential properties that install our aluminium bifold doors, commercial properties also benefit from them.

There’s a common misconception that aluminium bifold doors can only be installed in contemporary properties, but thanks to our ability to customise them, they look outstanding in traditional properties too. Choose the glass, colours, finishes and configurations that best suit your property.

Easy To Look After & Maintain

Traditional timber framed doors come with expensive and tiresome maintenance, but not our aluminium bifold doors. All they require is a wipe down with a warm wet cloth, to get them looking as good as the day they were installed. These doors use the best quality aluminium so are durable enough to last a lifetime. Our aluminium bifold doors will not rot, crack, distort or warp over time or with wear.

The other great news regarding aluminium is that unlike some other materials they are highly recyclable, so once you’ve had your use of the bifold doors, they will to end up as landfill. 

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices, Kirkliston

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If you have any further queries about our products, prices and services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Call us on 01506 432211, use our online contact form or email our team on We will be happy to use our experience in the industry to help you transform your Kirkliston home.

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