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Aluminium Bifold Doors Edinburgh

We offer a range of high quality aluminium bifold doors for installation in Edinburgh. Available in a range of sleek, modern designs, this style of door is fast becoming a popular choice for home improvements. Unlike uPVC bifold doors, our gorgeous range of aluminium bifold doors come complete with a slim central sight line of just 13mm, giving you an expansive view of the outdoors. 

Operating with a smooth sliding mechanism, our range of aluminium bifold doors are perfect for homeowners looking for a door that offers breathtaking views of the outdoors. For a light, airy home that seamlessly connects your property with the outdoors, look no further than our range of aluminium bifold doors available at the Window & Door Company

Long Lasting

Our range of aluminium bifold doors are manufactured using premium grade aluminium, ensuring you have a strong and secure home improvement that protects your property for years to come.

Fast Installation

We offer fast, efficient installations for our range of home improvements available in Edinburgh. We have an expert team of designers and installers that work to install your new home improvements with minimal disruption to your daily life, ensuring you get a great new aluminium bifold door completely hassle-free!

Modern Style

Our aluminium bifold doors don’t just perform well- they look good doing it! With modern, sleek frames and smart folding mechanisms, we ensure our range of doors provide a modern touch to any property.

Create Light and Space

If you’re looking to create a light, airy atmosphere in your home, our range of aluminium bifold doors have you covered. Welcome light into your space with our slim sightlines and large glazed surfaces, creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. 

With a neat, smooth folding mechanism, our range of aluminium bifold doors are sure to impress. Whether you’re entertaining in your garden or opening your home to the world in the evening, our bespoke range of doors are perfect for any purpose. Enquire today at the Window & Door Company for a home improvement choice you won’t regret!

Smooth Operation

Our range of aluminium bifold doors operate smoothly, with a tidy mechanism that folds the panels of your door against an edge, tucking them away when out of use. This neat mechanism provides breathtaking views of the outdoors, with a wide opening that is perfect for busy homeowners, entertainers and businesses alike. 

If you’re looking for a home improvement that truly marries your property with nature, look no further than our range of aluminium bifold doors. We offer speedy installation for Edinburgh properties, meaning you can get started on your dream door right away. Whether you’re looking to connect two rooms, transition between your home and patio, step out into your conservatory or access your garden- we have an aluminium bifold door to match! 

Our friendly team at the Window & Door Company are always on hand to discuss your dream home improvements. For more information about our range of aluminium bifold doors, contact our team today- we’d love to discuss all the possibilities with you!

Incredibly Versatile

Aluminium bifold doors are an excellent choice for those that want their doors to be both stylish and functional. Their lightweight yet robust construction make them a great option for both interior and external use in Edinburgh. 

Our range of aluminium bifold doors can be used to partition off or divide up a room, while at the same time offering the ability to open up an entire wall- allowing natural light to flow in from the outside. These doors offer a range of possibilities for any property that can truly help to create a comfortable living space for any homeowner. Moreover, due to their minimalistic appearance, our doors lend themselves well to fit in with any desired aesthetic for your property.

Low Maintenance Aluminium Bifold Doors

Our range of aluminium patio doors are also easy to maintain. All these doors need is a quick wipe down every so often with a damp cloth to keep looking their best. Our range of aluminium bifold doors are guaranteed to stay bright and beautiful for years to come- with no expensive maintenance needed! 

Our range of doors are also less susceptible to the common pitfalls of timber frames- such as warping, cracking, rotting or distorting. With our aluminium bifold doors, you can trust that your Edinburgh property will have a gorgeous home improvement for years to come. And, with an eco-friendly frame that can be recycled at the end of its lifespan, what’s not to love?

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices

Are you looking for a local glazing company with competitive and affordable prices for aluminium bifold doors in Edinburgh? Look no further than The Window & Door Company. We specialise in high quality uPVC and aluminium profiles for a variety of window and door styles. 

Get in touch with our friendly staff or use our online quoting tool to receive a FREE estimate. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 01506 432211 or, and we will respond as promptly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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