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Spitfire Composite Doors

Crafted Precision

Our perfect combination of cutting edge precision engineering and a workshop led with master craftsmen means our Spitfire composite doors have incredible accuracy, stunning detailing and unrivalled quality.

The aluminium S-200 Spitfire door is ‘the best in Europe’ according to the manufacturer.

The S-200 Spitfire door Series of beautiful designer entrance doors is one of the most comprehensive ranges of aluminium residential doors available.

Over the past twenty years, these extremely secure, stylish, and contemporary designer doors have built an unrivalled reputation with the most discerning customers across Europe, as well as in the extremely hot and difficult climates of Africa and far east Asia.

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Strong and Durable Performance

Spitfire Doors was initially established in response to the growing demand for exclusive, secure, and beautifully engineered doors. Spitfire Doors offer the widest range of high end residential entrance doors in Europe, with over 60 different S-200 Spitfire door styles to choose from and quality that is designed to last for a lifetime.

Every Spitfire door design is unique, and in collaboration with our authorised Design Partners, we provide comprehensive survey and installation coverage throughout the entire United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Precise Engineering

The magnificence of a Spitfire door can be seen with just a passing glance. In spite of this, the engineering behind a Spitfire door is where the true elegance lies. Each door sash in an S-200 Spitfire door features discrete mechanical fixings that prevent distortion in hot and cold climates. Additionally, the door’s head and base feature subtle micro-adjustment devices that allow for fine-tuned adjustments.

Because our Spitfire door sash is a substantial 80 millimetres thick and contains no fewer than three layers of security glass, it should come as no surprise that every Spitfire door has achieved the most stringent British Security Standard PAS24 and exceeds RC2 levels for exceptional security and weathering. These standards were specified by the IFT Rosenheim Test Institute in Germany.

Bespoke Options

You have the option of buying the exact door that you have seen in one of the showrooms that one of our Design and Installation Partners maintains, or you have the complete freedom to design your own door when you choose the Window & Door Company.

In addition to this, modern tendencies are accommodated thanks to the fact that our lovely S-200 Series aluminium doors can be manufactured on an impressive scale, with dimensions of up to 1150 millimetres in width and an impressive 2400 millimetres in height, in addition to top lights and sidelights!

There is a Spitfire door that is suitable for any property, regardless of your personal style and taste in décor, because the range of standard options available to choose from is so extensive and includes doors with sidelights, top lights, double doors, and French doors. In addition, these doors are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Features and Benefits

  • Front door and outer frame made of solid aluminium
  • Aluminium with a low threshold of melting
  • Satin glass that is triple glazed and laminated for safety, with or without clear lines
  • Brushed steel, 1200 millimetres in length, external pull bar
  • Internal brushed steel lever handle
  • Safety according to PAS24
  • Locking mechanism consisting of four hooks and one deadlock
  • Colours that are always solid Anthracite Grey, Jet Black, Signal White, Windows Grey, Light Grey, Purple Red, or Light Ivory are available in either a matte or textured finish.
  • Finishes including RAL, wood grain, and textured surfaces
  • Finishes that are marine grade powder coated come standard.
  • Up to 1150 mm x 2400 mm, with a depth of 78.5 mm in the frame
  • Double door option
  • Hook lock, slam shut
  • Electronic option to go to strike
  • ISO 14001

Optional extras:

  • External Pull bars that are Round, Square, and Oval in Black

Spitfire Door Prices

At The Window & Door Company, we provide competitive and affordable Spitfire door prices. We are your local glazing company, and we offer the highest quality uPVC and aluminium profiles.

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